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Did you know that the most common injuries among athletes are related to skin disorders? While sweating has numerous benefits for the skin, the exhaustive nature of sports can lead to skin inflammation, skin infections, and more. There are two effective ways to combat this as a female athlete. First, increase your knowledge and awareness of common skin issues. Second, invest in trusted skincare products that can help you take preventativenot reactive—measures. But which ones should you use?

We’ve got you covered! See below for some of the top Usana skincare products that we recommend for female athletes.

1. Energizing Shower Gel

Whenever people hear the term “skincare,” they think of their visible skin. The first thing that comes to their mind is their face, arms, back, and legs—some of the most troublesome areas for skin conditions.

However, very few female athletes consider the setbacks that their scalp is enduring. Some of the most common scalp problems include dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis, folliculitis, and more. Once these problems flare up, they can be challenging to overcome.

Here at USANA, we strive to help athletes protect their skin while they perform at the highest level. With our Sensé Energizing Shower Gel, you can prevent all of these conditions from occurring on your head. This is especially important for sports that require the use of a helmet or headband.

Sadly, the shower gel you’re using right now could be contributing to the issue. Some store-bought brands contain harmful toxins and chemicals to fulfill mass production.

Our Energizing Shower Gel will revitalize your skin and keep the skin and follicles hydrated. With our soap-free cleanser, you can enjoy the feeling of completely-purified skin.

Simply use this shower gel once every few days. That routine will allow you to retain naturally-produced oils in your hair and skin while providing other minerals to support them.

2. Protective Day Lotion SPF 30

There’s a tricky balance to achieve with your skin and the ultraviolet rays from the sun. As you well know, those UV rays are essential for helping your body naturally produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps boost brain cognition, muscle performance, energy levels, and your overall mood.

That said, too much sun can come with some consequences. Overexposure can burn the inner layers of your skin, killing skin cells and permanently damaging them.

Athletes often have a hard time balancing this. Due to the essential equipment for their sport, some areas of their skin are overexposed throughout the day, while other areas get minimal exposure.

Don’t worry; we have a solution: our Protective Day Lotion SPF 30. It contains four separate UV filters for protection while also ensuring hydrated skin. Your skin will look younger, healthier, and have a radiant glow that others will envy.

To use this product, simply shake the container well, dispense no more than a marble-sized amount, then apply it to your forehead, cheeks, nose, and neck.

The SPF 30 allows for just enough sunlight to hit your skin. This will promote the healthy production of Vitamin D.

3. Conditioning Makeup Remover

You’d be shocked at the types of ingredients that lesser quality companies place in their makeup removers. Some ingredients include traces of formaldehyde—which has been linked to skin cancer.

Don’t leave the condition of your skin to chance. Invest in our Conditioning Makeup Remover to carefully dissolve the makeup while simultaneously moisturizing your skin.

To use this handy product, just apply the remover to a pad and gently wipe all makeup from your face. You can apply a second time if necessary.

This revolutionary skincare product will have your skin feeling soft-to-the-touch before a good night’s sleep.

This product is essential for female athletes who wear long-wear makeup to ensure the same look throughout strenuous exercise. Our makeup remover can get rid of the toughest products without using any harmful products to do so.

4. Perfecting Toner

Are you looking for a way to shrink those pores from visibility? Do you want to make your complexion pop when playing your sport? If so, then our Perfecting Toner is a must-have.

Unlike so many other toners out there, our Perfecting Toner is suitable for any skin type. It’s dermatological tested and paraben-free.

To use, simply place four drops of the toner on a cotton ball. Gently rub it against your face and neck, then follow that up with a moisturizer for the best results. It will help you balance the pH levels in your skin to achieve that glowing effect.

5. Replenishing Night Gel

Believe it or not, your sport might not be the most taxing time of day for your skin. For most people, it’s bedtime that undoes all of their hard work on proper skincare.

Our Replenishing Night Gel can help your skin recover from a long day while preparing it for the night of sleep that lies ahead (pun intended).

This Night Gel can be applied right after you use the Perfecting Toner. Just place a marble-sized amount on your hand, then rub it into your face and neck. It’s the perfect soothing feeling before bed!

Integrate These USANA Skincare Products Into Your Routine

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the top USANA skincare products for female athletes, be sure to use this information wisely.

Take the time to read this article for more information on the 8 essential oils that athletes use to naturally boost their energy levels. For any other inquiries, please reach out to us at +44 7948 258545 and we look forward to assisting you further.

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