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When it comes to skincare, choosing the right products and ingredients is essential. It will take a ton of trial and error, but once you find the right fit, your skin will be grateful to you. You don’t want to continue using a routine that’s slowly tearing away at your beautiful complexion. To help you find a skincare routine that works for you, we gathered seven (7) tips that you can try out at home.  

Why do we need a skincare routine? 

If you’re someone who constantly struggles with skin concerns such as acne and dry skin, starting a skincare routine can help improve your condition. Similar to an exercise routine, your skincare routine helps you maintain healthy and glowing skin, while also preventing acne and other skin conditions from flaring up. 

Seven Tips to Find a Skincare Routine That Works for You

Tip 1: Know your skin type.

There are generally five (5) types of healthy skin: oily, dry, normal, combination (oil and dry skin), and lastly, sensitive. When you use products that aren’t compatible with your skin type, it can negatively affect your skin health and possibly cause skin conditions like cracking and flaking to develop.

For instance, people who have oily skin and want to restore collagen in the face will need a different set of products from people with sensitive skin. You can ask your dermatologist to help you identify your skin type. Otherwise, you can inspect your skin on yourself using a skin type guide online. 

How to Determine Your Skin Type — YouTube

Tip 2: Identify problem areas.

Is there a particular issue that you want to tackle? Identify what you want your skincare routine to address e.g., reduce premature aging, skin dryness, acne, or acne. This will help you figure out what skincare products to use and avoid.

On top of that, having a reason to pursue a skincare routine will help you stay consistent and motivated. 

Tip 3: Read customer reviews. 

Once you’ve nailed down your skin type and your problem areas, look for customer reviews from people with the same concerns as you. There are plenty of beauty bloggers and skincare specialists online who are sharing research and opinions about skin conditions and appropriate treatments. This process will help you find a stable baseline to start your own skincare routine. 

Tip 4: Test, test, test. 

The only way you can find the right skincare products is through lots of trial and error. The key is to take note of ingredients and additives that positively or negatively affect your skin, It would be ideal if you had your dermatologist work with you on this project. That way, you’ll have someone to guide you through the ins and outs of skin care during your first few weeks doing it. 

After testing, slowly add the ingredients or products that you like into your routine. You mustn’t make any sudden changes, as it might shock your skin and cause unwanted flareups to occur. 

Tip 5: Take account of your lifestyle.

Are you someone who enjoys camping trips? Perhaps you spend a lot of time in your neighborhood public pool? You need to account for your lifestyle and habits if you want to find a skincare routine that works for you. 

Study camping basics and how to remain consistent with a skincare routine even while out in nature. Camping doesn’t provide you with the same comforts that you find at home in any other place. Learning how to do your skincare routine in an outdoor setting will help make it much more effective for your lifestyle. 

On the other hand, swimming can cause all sorts of skin problems if you don’t know how to address issues before they get exacerbated. Learn what skincare routines you can do if you’re someone who likes to spend a lot of time in the water. 

Tip 6: Don’t be afraid to take breaks.

Although consistency is key when it comes to the success of your skincare routine, breaks are also necessary for your skin. Laying off the creams and serums for a while can do all sorts of good for your skin. Instead of doing your typical 12 products, perhaps you can pare it down to the basic water, cleanser, and moisturizer for a few nights. 

Tip 7: Make time. 

We all live busy lives and, understandably, most people would not feel inclined to start a skincare routine. However, if you want to improve your skin conditions, then making time for your skincare routine is a must. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be a particularly long process. A short 25 to 30 minutes every night should be enough to keep your skin healthy and glowing

Final thoughts

Finding a skincare routine that works for you will help restore your skin’s beautiful, flawless glow. By following the tips above, you should be able to create a routine that’s compatible with your skin type and something that you can stay consistent with. Good luck!

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