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My Smart Shake Usana Reviews (Whey & Protein Shake)

Nowadays, people love leading a healthy life. In order to make their dream of having a healthy body true, they went to the gym and do a lot of physical exercises as well. Along with exercising, it is also important to consume the right amount of proteins and nutrients. There are several amazing shakes available online and in the market that can help in maintaining the right body. However, the fact that matters is choosing the right one point in order to help you out; Usana has introduced the My Smart Shake including the soya protein shake and a whey protein shake.

These Usana my smart shakes will help you out in reaching your health, weight and wellness goals. You can easily pick the protein according to your preference for your shake. On the basis of your dietary needs, you can either go for the way shake for Soya shake as well. Both of the options are having high-quality protein that will help you to lead a healthy life. These are specially designed and formulated for health-conscious consumers who are willing to meet the needs of their bodies. Both of the whey protein and soy shake are having their own features, advantages and disadvantages. In order to help you out, here we have stated all the essential details about Usana products both of them so that you can choose accordingly.

What is My Smart Shake (Soya Protein Base)?

MySmart Shake Soy Protein

Mysmart Shake Usana Soya protein is basically an isolate powder that is made up of defatted soybean flakes. All the sugar from the soybeans gets washed away either by using water or alcohol as well. It is a controversial food. There are several amazing benefits of My Smart shake usana soya protein. The best part about soya protein My Smart shake usana is that it includes very little fat and even no cholesterol. It also works amazingly in decreasing mineral absorption as well. Soya protein is a complete protein that helps in providing the right needs to the body.

Features of Mysmart Shake soya protein

There are some amazing features of Soya Protein from Usana. These features will help you out in understanding that this product is good for you or not.

  1. It includes calories, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, iron, phosphorus, copper and magnesium.
  2. Each and every component is having its own importance for the overall health of the body.
  3. My Smart shake usana Soy Protein is rich in nutrients
  4. It helps a lot in building up the muscles
  5. My Smart shake usana Soy Protein is specially formulated for all those who are willing to lose their weight.

Advantages Of Mysmart Shake Soya Protein

  1. It is specially designed for all those who are willing to lose their weight
  2. While consuming the soya protein, the person does not need to limit their calories on nutrient intake
  3. The positive relationship between soya protein and weight loss
  4. Soya protein boost up the weight loss just like the animal-based proteins
  5. It helps a lot in maintaining the good cholesterol level and also lowering down the bad cholesterol.
  6. It also helps in curing against cancer
  7. It reduces the chances of breast cancer
  8. It helps in maintaining the right weight in the body
  9. It is a great source of plant-based protein for all those people who do not consume animal proteins
  10. Best choice available for vegetarians


Disadvantages Mysmart Shake Soya Protein

Along with the advantages, there are some disadvantages associated with the Soya Protein. You can take a look at the disadvantages before consuming it.

  • It reduces the availability of iron and zinc from the body
  • Sometimes proofs like anti-nutrient
  • The phytoestrogen content of the soy protein gets decreased due to getting washed from water and alcohol

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What is My Smart Shake Usana (Whey Protein)?

My Smart shake usana whey

Whey protein is just like a mixture of proteins isolated from whey. It is basically the liquid part of the milk that gets separated when the cheese gets produced. It is basically found in the watery portion of the milk. It is a byproduct and gets separated from the milk while producing the cheese. It is usually found in the form of powder gets added to the shakes and protein bars as well. Although the taste of this protein is not so much good and that is why it is available in different flavors like strawberry, chocolate, and is one of the best components available for gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders. It plays an amazing role in fulfilling the protein requirements of the body.

The Features Of Usana Mysmart Shake Whey Protein

There are some amazing features of Whey Protein from Usana. These features will help you out in understanding that this product is good for you or not.

  1. It helps amazingly in building the blocks of the human body.
  2. It affects the tendons, organs, and skin positively.
  3. The proteins available in whey protein are of high quality.
  4. All the essential amino acids are always available in the way protein.
  5. It increases the release of anabolic hormones that stimulates the growth of the muscles.
  6. Apart from this, it gets absorbed in the body so quickly as compared to the other proteins.
  7. When people are willing to increase muscle growth they can consume it right before during the workouts.
  8. The performance of the whey protein is much better than others.
  9. Along with building the muscles it also fulfills the protein requirement of the body.

Advantages Of  Mysmart Shake Whey Protein

  1. It promotes weight loss.
  2. It boosts energy expenditure by 100 calories per day.
  3. It also reduces cravings by 60%.
  4.  It increases protein intake. It helps in building the right hold to the muscle.
  5. It not only promotes muscle and strength but also lowers up blood pressure and blood sugar.
  6. It reduces the symptoms of stress and depression. It protects a person against cancer and also reduces the symptoms of hepatitis.
  7. It increases the bone mineral density and improves the immunity function even in the HIV positive patients.
  8. It also helps in increasing the life span.
  9. It includes all the essential antioxidants that are required to maintain health.


Disadvantages Of Mysmart shake Whey Protein

Along with the advantages, there are some disadvantages associated with the Whey Protein. You can take a look at the disadvantages before consuming it.

  • Consuming too much whey protein can also lead to nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, pain and even cramps.
  • Some people are usually allergic to whey protein


Hence, these are the entire essential details about Usana my smart shake. You can consider this shake for your overall health. It is an amazing product introduced by Usana to help people in maintaining their overall health and having a balanced life. Sometimes, due to different factors like unhealthy eating and pollution, the immune system gets affected. Especially in Bodybuilders, it is important to take the right diet and fulfill the protein requirements. Apart from this, it also helps a lot in having the right production of white blood cells and antibodies as well.

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  1. We recommend the USANA nutritional products and Nutrimeal/ Smart shakes to our Martial Arts Gym members/clients and with our pro MMA , Muay Thai and boxing fighters. Some fighters which are now sponsored USANA athletes utilising the products in their professional careers. I have personally used USANA products for now 17 years during my sporting career and as a coach.

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  3. For weight loss or a weight management program I do recommend the USANA nutrimeal as they are low Gi shakes or the USANA 5 day Reset programme which is high fibre cleanse kit, typical weight loss 3-5 pounds in the first few days….. Thanks so much for your post shared in this article.

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