You know you’ll feel good as soon as you’re done with your workout. The trouble is, you have to get through the workout first.

Do you ever dread the first few moments at the gym? Maybe you’ve just finished a long day at work, or you’ve just woken up, and exercising is the last thing you want to do.

Feeling fatigued at the gym isn’t just a bad feeling; it can also be dangerous. When your body isn’t performing at its peak, you’re more likely to suffer from an injury. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your mind and body are alert throughout your fitness journey.

Luckily, there are a few ways to ensure you’re wide awake when you’re at the gym. In the blog post below, you can find six ways to have more energy while working out.

Go to the Gym Right From Work or School

Fatigue can be caused by your environment. If you stop at home before going to the gym, you may be tempted to take a seat on your comfortable couch or, worse, hop into bed for a quick nap. Your home is designed to be comfortable, but that isn’t the best feeling to have when you’re getting ready to work out.

That’s why it’s a good idea to go straight to the gym from a previous activity, such as work or school. You’re already in “go mode” when you’re working or studying, so why not keep that momentum with a trip to the gym?

Pay Attention to Your Breathing

One of the most important exercise tips you can receive is to focus on your breathing. You may already know that you should never hold your breath while working out, but did you know deep breaths can actually help you fight off fatigue? Certain breathing exercises can fill your bloodstream with oxygen, fight off fatigue and focus your mind on the task at hand.

Try Chewing Peppermint Gum

Did you know that peppermint activates the same part of your brain that’s responsible for waking you up every morning? According to researchers, using a peppermint breath mint or chewing peppermint gum can make you more alert at the gym. Next time you’re dreading a trip to the gym, pop into a convenience store and try this peppermint gum trick for a little mental stimulation.

Mix in an Energy Drink Before or During Your Workout

Not all energy drinks are designed to be taken during workouts. Some have too much sugar, which provides only a temporary energy boost that is often accompanied by a hard crash. Instead of reaching for the sugary energy drink at your gym, fuel your body with energy drinks that are specifically formulated for workouts.

Most fitness-focused energy drinks have some combination of caffeine, magnesium, ginseng, and vitamin B12. These added nutrients can provide a much healthier energy boost than the one you would get from a sugary energy drink.

Avoid a Sugary Breakfast During Your fitness journey

There are energy foods, and then there are energy-sapping foods. Sugary foods fall into the latter category because sugar raises your energy to unsustainable levels before sapping it as the sugar high recedes. While it’s okay to have sugar every once in a while, it’s really important to avoid it first thing in the day.

If you do have a sugary breakfast, like yogurt or sugary cereal, you may find yourself exhausted by the time lunchtime rolls around. Instead, replace the sugary breakfast with lean proteins that provide sustained energy throughout the day.

Avoid Overtraining

Sometimes the best way to have energy while working out is to dial back your workouts. You’re not going to achieve your fitness goals consistently if you’re tired all the time. Instead of exerting your body to the fullest at every workout, find a balance that allows you to recover well and be prepared for the next day’s workout.

There are some wearable fitness devices out there that can help you manage your recovery levels. If you find yourself having high energy one day and feelings of exhaustion the next, it might be worth looking at your workouts to see if you’re overexerting yourself.

Workout at the Same Time Every Day

One great way to fight off fatigue is to develop a routine around your workout. Every step of your routine will remind your body that it’s time to get ready for some physical exertion. Maybe your routine involves listening to the same playlist on your way to the gym or having a pre-workout energy drink before you get in your car.

Another way to establish a routine is to simply work out at the same time each day. Your body loves routine, and can even align your energy levels with certain routines. Much like the way your body gets tired around the same time each night, your body will be energized around the time you work out each day.

Ready to Have More Energy While Working Out?

Now that you’re ready to incorporate these tips into your next workout, you can exercise confidently knowing that your body has the energy to focus on the task at hand.

When your fitness journey starts giving you energy instead of sapping your energy, you’ll know you’re on the right path. If you need a little energy boost during your next workout, click here to check out the selection of energy drinks from USANA.

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