Are you looking for a quick pick-me-up? You have two choices, coffee and energy drinks.

You know coffee and energy drinks both have caffeine. They’re the two beverages of choice for people who need a quick burst of energy. Which one should you drink?

Despite caffeine content, these two beverages couldn’t be more different. Read on to learn about coffee vs. energy drinks.

Coffee Overview

Worldwide coffee consumption is on the rise. There are over 22,700 branded coffee shops in Europe and 27,900 in the United States. Finnish citizens drink the most, averaging 12.5 kg per person each year.

Why do people around drink so much coffee? It’s been around for centuries and ingrained in many cultures. Italians love espresso. Health-conscious Americans mix almond milk into their morning brew.

Because of its history, coffee is the go-to drink for people looking to increase their energy. Should it? Let’s break down what coffee offers.


A cup of black coffee or espresso has two ingredients, coffee beans and water. A brewed cup of coffee with no extra flavorings contains an average of five calories.

Some people love a cup of black coffee. Most people like a little more flavor. Adding cream and sugar increases the caloric content.

Coffee drinks from large coffee chains like Starbucks pack a serious caloric punch. Popular American coffee beverages like a Pumpkin Spice Latte are up to 380 calories.

The whipped cream, sugar, and milk turn a healthy beverage into an unhealthy one. If coffee is your drink of choice, make sure to watch what you put in it.

Nutrient Content

Coffee contains vitamins and nutrients. Nutrients like niacin, magnesium, and potassium are all found in a cup of coffee. A cup will also give you a decent amount of vitamins B2 and B5.

Doctors maintain that coffee can be a part of a healthy diet. Don’t drink too much. An excess amount leads to a 22% higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Caffeine Content

Your energy boost from coffee comes from its caffeine content. There are no other additives in coffee that provide energy.

The average cup of brewed drip coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine.

A common misconception is that espresso contains more caffeine per serving. Espresso is a richer, more concentrated form of coffee. The average shot contains 63 mg of caffeine.

If you want a cup of drip coffee with a higher caffeine content, stick to lighter roasts. Darker coffee blends roast longer. The longer the beans roast, the less caffeine they contain.

Energy Drink Overview

Energy drinks have a bad reputation. Major beverage manufacturers load these drinks with sugar and other harmful ingredients.

They don’t have to be harmful. Usana energy drinks contain vitamins and nutrients to increase mental and physical alertness.


Traditional energy drinks have a high caffeine and sugar content. That’s great for a quick burst of energy. The crash that follows will leave you feeling more tired than you were.

Usana’s Rev3 Energy Drink is like a normal energy drink. It carries a lower glycemic impact (lower sugar) and far less caffeine.

Nutrient Content

Rev3 Energy Drink nutrients and vitamins boost your energy. Each serving contains calcium, magnesium, niacin, and ginseng.

What also gives it a boost is its Proprietary Phytochemical Blend. Every serving contains aloe vera, grapeseed extract, and natural vegetable juices.

Also included are vitamins B1, B2, and B6.

Caffeine Content

Some energy drinks have high levels of caffeine. Doctors say the safe limit for daily consumption is no more than 400 mg per day.

Usana’s energy drinks contain caffeine from green and white tea. One 12oz can contains 120 mg.

Taste Test

Coffee and energy drinks have a different flavor profile. Most energy drinks tend to be sweet. Coffee has a bold, sometimes harsh flavor.


Some people adore coffee’s flavor. They drink it black, or with a little cream and sugar.

Some don’t like the flavor. Their coffee consumption is for caffeine. They add an unhealthy amount of sugar or other sweeteners like stevia.

They’ll stop at their local coffee shop for a drink that’s closer to a milkshake than a cup of coffee. Coffee has one flavor. Changing that flavor means adding calories and chemicals.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a fantastic alternative for those who don’t enjoy coffee. They come in a wide variety of flavors.

Most of the larger energy drink manufacturers appeal to soda drinkers.

Usana’s product line is so much more than a supercharged can of soda. The natural ingredients provide a wide flavor variety. You can get your caffeine without adding any unhealthy ingredients.

Which is Right for You?

Coffee is coffee no matter how you drink it. Whether it’s drip, espresso, or cold brew, it has the name nutritional content. It will impact your body the same way.

Energy drinks have a wide range of health benefits. Some boost your antioxidants. Others are probiotics to promote digestive health.

If coffee is your go-to, continue to drink it. If coffee isn’t your taste, an energy drink like the ones Usana offers might be right for you. 

The Final Verdict: Coffee vs Energy Drinks

Coffee vs. energy drinks, which should you drink? Both offer a caffeine shot to get you through your day.

Energy drinks are for every caffeine lover! Usana’s line of energy beverages gives you a wholesome boost.

Do you need a high-quality energy alternative? Put down the sugary junk and try one of Usana’s wholesome energy drinks. Explore our products today.

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