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USANA is a health science company working as a member of the Direct Selling Association and is helping people to get benefit by forming a chain. The company is offering benefits for all its preferred customers and associates on their purchases.


How can retailer customers buy USANA products?

Many people are not willing to register their account with any such direct sales company, so USANA gives the option to buy as a retail customer. If you love USANA products and willing to avoid registration, this is the best option.

But retail customers are not eligible for benefits, and so they will be required to pay a high price for their order. If retails customer prefers spending more for their USANA products click the link below and place your orders.


How are preferred customers benefitted?

All the preferred customers can find a wide range of USANA products at special pricing. These customers can save nearly 20% on the retail price and thus can make good savings.

One who is willing to get special pricing must register themselves.

Fill the form with the required information and make sure to select account type as “Preferred customer” to receive good benefits.

The best part is these customers are not required to enter their delivery or billing address on placing the order as it is already saved in their account.

Usana Account Registration

Buy USANA Products as an Associate

People, who have used USANA products and are satisfied with the result, will surely advise others regarding it. So, if you are willing to promote USANA products and their health benefits, it is time when you should register as an associate.

Associates receive all the benefits as preferred customers, like a discount on pricing and easy reordering. These associates can resell the USANA products and participate in the USANA compensation plan and USANA Business opportunity to benefit.

If you are willing to join as an associate and start your own business with USANA, click on below button,

Here, one must select as “Associate” under the account type and get themselves registered as an associate.

One who has registered themselves as associates can know more about USANA business. So, enroll yourself as an associate and start your business with these helpful health products.

Usana Account Registration
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