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5 Reasons to Start a USANA Food Supplement Business Today

Are you interested in health, wellness and looking to turn your hobby into a profit? If you are, then now has never been a better time. The food supplement business is booming, and you can be making a healthy profit from it. 

With so many food supplement programs around, it can be hard to find a product you believe in. Below, we give five reasons why you should consider USANA for your food supplement business. 

1. The Food Supplement Business Is Booming

It is no secret that the supplement business is booming. In the past few years, it has grown from a niche industry to a huge multi-million dollar market. There are a number of reasons why. 

First is the aging population. people want to stay young, fit, and healthy. To do this, they are willing to buy products that help them achieve their goals. Whether it is the numerous eye, bone, or joint supplements on offer or just a desire to stave off minor illnesses, people have money to spend on health. 

In addition to this, a shift has begun to turn people into self-directed consumers. People are relying less on the opinions of doctors and medical experts, and are taking matters into their own hands. They are doing this by reading advice and starting measures of preventative care, addressing the cause instead of the problem. 

Add to this the lack of a major brand to spearhead the supplement industry. The market is extremely fragmented, with no one brand taking the market share of trust from consumers. These leaves the playing field wide open, and it has been taken by smaller companies that build a relationship with their consumers.

2. It Is a Low-Cost Start-Up

Have you ever dreamed of having your own business? Well, a food supplement business is an extremely lucrative way, to begin with very little investment. In fact, most food supplement businesses can be started at around $5000.

This can normally bag you around 150 bottles of a product, buy you some labels, create a website, and build your insurance. However, starting with USANA costs a lot less and gives you more for your money.

If you are joining up with USANA, you will pay a minimal registration fee. This will also give you access to their network and training schemes to help you get started. After this, you just need to purchase the supplements you want, with some of their excellent packages starting at around $600. 

3. USANA Has a Wide Range of Products

USANA has a huge range of health supplements designed to enhance your energy levels and enrich your lifestyle. With such a huge range of products on offer, you can tailor the product you sell to suit your demographic.

Are you looking to target older customers with supplements to help their joints and bones? Or are you a young, dynamic fitness instructor targeting people through weight loss programs? Because USANA has a range of products for all backgrounds. 

These range from food supplement programs to energy and nutrition. For people with a background in beauty, they also have skincare and healthy living products. Whatever your background and experience, they will have something that suits your sales technique and lifestyle. 

4. Earning Potential

Unlike most food supplement program earnings, USANA has a number of ways in which you can gain income through their program. This is not just limited to sales of the physical product, although that is the main one. You buy products from USANA at wholesale price, distribute them at retail price and you take the profit. 

In addition to this, you can earn a commission bonus from the products sold. As if that was not enough, anyone who is your sponsor (you will be assigned them when you start) can earn you money by reaching the rank of platinum pacesetter, in which you could gain 15% of the commission. This is a great incentive so people support their sponsors and work as a team.

The company also rewards anyone with ambition who wants to work their way up the ladder. Anyone who gets to the position of a gold director will get an extra commission. All earners at the same rank gain this as another incentive to work as a team.

As if that was not enough, the top 40 earners in every quarter get an elite bonus. They actually get 1% of the quarter’s sales profit divided among them. 

USANA also gives out incentive prizes for sales. These can take the form of travel prizes, gifts, and money.

5. Business Training

Usana has its own method of business training, so even if you are a novice or just starting out, they can help you to build a profitable empire. Anyone who joins the team gets sent the USANA business development guide, to help you start earning right away. This will contain a list of your sponsors, who will help you understand the product and how the plan works. 

The most successful members of the USANA family tend to grow their business using word of mouth. Thus, you can earn money without even leaving the house. All you need to do is sell products in your spare time and grow your team, maximizing your earning potential. 

The plan is built on collaboration and peer support. Independence is fostered through mentoring and training so that once new entrepreneurs are started they can begin earning from their own business. 

Starting Out

While many other food supplement companies may be tempting, none will give you the help and support you need as USANA will. If you are interested, check out our section on USANA business opportunities, and contact us with any questions you may have. You could be starting your own business quicker than you know it. 

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