Why Join USANA? 9 Great Benefits

Are you eager to increase your income and take your future into your own hands? Whether or not you’ve heard of USANA before or if this is your first introduction, it’s definitely an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

Your health and wellbeing are critical to a happy life, and with the right supplements to help you on your way, you can achieve the life you deserve in no time at all! USANA products designed to boost your energy, help you lose weight, and keep your whole family in good health.

But if you’re wondering, “should I join USANA” or “what is the USANA business opportunity,” you’re in luck! We’ve compiled our list of the top nine reasons you should join USANA to help you determine if this business opportunity is the right fit for you!

What is USANA?

When it comes to choosing a MLM (multi-level-marketing) business to partner up with, there are few that are as well respected and revered as USANA. With a focus on health and wellness, this business has built trust with its customers, developed high-quality products, and a stable business plan that you can depend on year after year.

Developed by an expert scientist, USANA’s products are top-of-the-line and scientifically proven to help you live the life you deserve. The three main product lines are USANA Nutritionals, USANA diet and energy, and Sensé and Celavive personal care.

9 Reason You Should Join USANA

If you’re on the fence about joining USANA, it can be helpful to understand why this business opportunity might be worth looking into further. Every USANA associate is a unique person with their own background and ethnicity, so each person always has a one-of-a-kind experience. The level of income you earn will always reflect the number of products and diverse team members you have on your team.

1. Low Startup Costs

Unlike many MLM businesses, when you sign up to be an associate, pay your small USANA joining fee, and purchase your welcome kit, you’re in the business! You aren’t required to buy any products to join the company, but we recommend that you try some of the products before you try selling them so you can effectively advertise the positive effects they’ve had on your health and wellbeing.

2. Retail Sales Structure

The most common way to earn an income with your USANA business is by advertising the products and sharing your personal experiences with them. As an associate, you’ll be able to purchase the products at wholesale cost and then sell them to your customers at the MRP price. The difference between the wholesale price and your sale price becomes your profit or income.

3. Commissions

USANA has a binary structured business plan, which means you get a weekly commission from your sales and from the sales your team earns. As an associate who builds a group of other associates, you’ll learn how to structure your team with MLM power legs which helps you make the most of your compensation plan and organize your team effectively.

4. Leadership Bonuses

The higher you move up within USANA’s leadership roles, the more bonuses you will earn! If you become a Gold director or higher, you’ll receive a percentage of company earnings. These earnings are split between all earners of the same rank and are dependant on the amount of business you earn and your sales volume.

5, Lifetime Matching Bonuses

As an associate, if your sponsor reaches the Platinum pacesetter rank, you’ll be eligible to earn a 15% match on their commission volume! The percentage you make is dependent on your ranking and their commissions.

6. Elite Bonuses

Top performers who have worked very hard and fall in the top 40 every quarter earn the rank of Elite. If you reach this rank, the company divides 1% of the sales volume between you and the other 39 earners. The amount earned is based on the company’s quarterly profits so

7. Sales Incentives

USANA is a business that loves to give its associates prizes, and often they give prizes out in the form of contests. Some recent awards have been for trips and even money. So this is an excellent goal to set once your business is up and running.

8. Income Opportunities

Earning big with USANA isn’t something that will happen immediately. But with the proper determination and dedication, you could make a significant income.

We’ve had several earners earn over a million dollars, but the average earners are around $20,000.00 annually. Your income will scale based on the time you invest in the business and the size of your team.

9. Health and Wellness

One of the most valuable benefits of joining USANA is the health and wellness boost you will get from the products! Whether you need help losing weight, a little boost to your energy, healthy supplements for your children, or even a new skincare routine, there is a product for everyone!

The more you learn how to use the products and the results you see along the way will all help you create a more effective testimonial for potential customers. USANA is the type of business that will serve you as you help your community.

How to Join USANA

Are you interested in learning more about the USANA business opportunity? Are you curious about what this business can do for you and see if it’s something you can turn into a career? This commission-based business opportunity will help you learn how to network, and with a little hard work, it can turn all your dreams into a reality!

Contact us to learn how to join USANA or order some USANA products to try out for yourself. We can’t wait to help you elevate your health and wellness and see what we can do to help you reach your next goal.

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