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There’s nothing more miserable than a long day of work when you’re exhausted. The clock seems to slow down and your mood tanks even if you enjoy your work. When you hit the break room and try to turn things around, chances are slim that you’ll find anything that provides both energy and nutrition.

The biggest energy drink brands are sugary junk, but healthy energy drinks are out there. USANA is one brand dedicated to unlocking all possible benefits of energy drinks. Take a look at this list of great reasons to try USANA energy drinks.

1. Improve Performance During Workouts

Studies show that caffeine can help you reap the most benefits possible from your workouts. While a cup of coffee will do you some good, using a product designed for the purpose helps even more.

Combining caffeine and other stimulants with protein and other nutrients helps you hang onto and sustain the energy boost.

Caffeine makes you more alert and focused, and can lower your perception of pain for a while after drinking it. Protein helps muscles recover and grow: Getting enough is a must to avoid muscle injuries during rigorous exercise.

Drinking a shake that contains caffeine or another energizing substance, as well as nutritious ingredients, helps you put more effort into working out. 

2. Realign Your Gut Biome

We most often talk about bacteria and “germs” in the context of things like washing your hands, covering your cough, and getting vaccinated. The idea that we need to avoid all bacteria and microorganisms is common, but it’s a massive misconception.

It couldn’t be further from the truth because our bodies are covered in, and stuffed full of, billions of microorganisms. Scrubbing your body clean every day in the shower doesn’t get rid of your microbiome, and you shouldn’t want to.

Taking too many antibiotics and killing off your internal bacteria leads to digestive upset and widespread health issues. You’re more prone to yeast infections such as thrush with an imbalanced microbiome. An imbalanced microbiome has mental effects, too, and can lead to problems including depression and mood swings.

Supplements like caffeine and ginseng have great energizing effects and other refreshing properties such as anti-inflammatory effects. However, many energy beverages containing them are harsh on your gut biome. Sugar is notorious for knocking things out of whack and leading to a buildup of problem microorganisms.

In recent years, mainstream companies and consumers have become more conscious about human microbiomes. Probiotic products are everywhere and range from things as obscure as drinking vinegar to eating standard yogurt.

One place you don’t often see probiotics is in energy drinks. USANA noticed the lack and came out with a probiotic supplement made for adding to their energy-boosting shakes.

3. Get Your Day Going

You’ve heard it a million times: A cup of coffee isn’t a substitute for a full breakfast. While that’s true, many of us have schedules that don’t allow time for much more.

When it comes to boosting your energy at the start of the day, coffee isn’t always enough. Unless you pack yours with supplements, a cup of coffee doesn’t contain the fuel you need to get going and have a productive day.

That’s where healthy energy drinks like USANA products come in. USANA makes products combining the benefits of energy drinks with complete proteins and vitamins to start the day on the right foot and keep yourself going.

4. Meet Your Fiber Goals

Many energy drinks don’t contain fiber, but USANA’s MySmart™ Fibergy® Plus energy shake mix does. Fiber maintains gut health, even lowering the risk of colon cancer. It also keeps bloating down and maintains regular bowel movements, keeping you from feeling bogged down and gross.

If your diet is full of processed food and animal products, chances are good that it’s low on fiber. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are the best sources of fiber when it comes to whole foods.

You should still enrich your diet with fruits and veggies if you can, but fiber supplements like this USANA shake fill in the gaps for people who can’t stand or can’t access produce.

5. Discover New Energizing Ingredients

Anyone who’s ever had a typical energy drink knows the drill: You fill up on caffeine up to your limit and drown your sorrows in sweet, syrupy goodness.

Sounds like a dream, right? That’s because those energy drinks’ claims are too good to be true. Both of the primary energizing ingredients spike your energy and send you crashing a few hours later.

Energy drinks worth your while use ingredients that don’t have that effect. USANA’s Rev3 Energy, for example, cuts down on sugar and uses white tea alongside a lower-than-average amount of caffeine. Unlike black tea, white tea is low on caffeine but has metabolism-boosting properties that banish sluggishness.

The effect of a low-sugar, lower-caffeine energy drink is improved by the fact that you don’t crash and burn halfway through your day. Energy drink companies aren’t ignorant about this effect. Crashing sends you back to the vending machine to grab another can.

If you’re loyal to an energy drink, you should do it because you enjoy and benefit from it. A trustworthy product speaks for itself and doesn’t encourage addictive behavior, unlike basic energy drinks. Seek complete beverages that combine alternative energizing ingredients with vital nutrients and you’ll avoid this trap.

Enjoy These Benefits of Energy Drinks and More

This list of benefits of energy drinks is unique to USANA: Most energy drinks are chock-full of sugar, caffeine, and little else. You can’t get these benefits from them.

USANA, on the other hand, offers a variety of nutritious and energizing drinks with different purposes. The benefits listed above are key, but far from the only things you have to gain.

Browse the site to learn more about USANA energy drinks and how to get involved with the brand. Contact us for more information or if you have any questions about USANA.

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