Happy and Healthy: What to Know About USANA Supplements for Children

Understanding the links between nutrition and health is one of the great puzzlers in modern science. It has been said it’s possible for science to create a nutrition pill that contains all of a day’s calories and nutrients. The problem, anyone taking such a pill would die of malnutrition.

Such is the gap between what the body needs and how the body needs it. If science is that confused by the topic, what chance do you have to educate children on the matter? The simple answer is that it’s possible to know something without knowing everything and when it comes to USANA supplements, they form a small piece of the overall health puzzle. 

Indeed, the problems of the nutritional health world are largely about the lack of a panacea, a one size fits all solution. It takes an individual focus to achieve individual results.

The following explains what you need to know about supplements for children.

USANA Supplements for Kids?

The vast majority of the supplement market is geared towards adults and seniors. After all, the older you get, the more likely you are to need something that you are finding less of in your diet or the more your needs change.

Older adults also tend to eat more numerous, smaller meals throughout the day. This makes it easy for them to skip out on some vital nutrients. Children, for the most part, eat a lot and tend to be resilient in their intake to output.

The nutritional needs of children are also considered more carefully, from vitamin-fortified cereals, milks, and even snacks to balanced lunch programs at schools, child nutrition is a hot subject.

It’s simply rarer for children to really need supplements. Rare doesn’t mean pointless, however. The children’s vitamin market has existed for decades and shows that, at some level, supplements matter in the overall health of children.

Why Use Supplements

Supplements exist to provide additional quantities of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to people that may be missing them. Lacks come from places as common as poor diet choice to as esoteric as synthesis and absorption abnormalities. 

Deficiencies represent the most pressing need for supplemental nutrition. Outside of that, higher performance areas of a child’s life need examination. 

It’s not exactly common for a child to be specializing or focusing in their life to need supplemental nutrition but it also isn’t out of the question. 

In the case of children, any kind of deficit early in life spirals later in life. Those with poor early diets are likely to develop problems with diabetes, heart disease, and cancers over those with a more stable and balanced diet.

Missing on key nutrition also affects children’s ability and drive in school settings. A few bad weeks early on quickly cascade to a ‘problem student’ status that takes years to dispel.

How Supplements Work

Supplements, like any other food, enter the body and break down in the stomach before passing along for absorption in the intestines. Finally, the quantity carried in the blood gets scrubbed through the liver before distribution.

Studies show that the liver function of children and adults is very similar when it comes to intake and output, even at high levels. The only difference between and an adult and a child, in terms of supplements, is the amount of absorption possible. A smaller body mass has less fat storage and places the body can place unneeded elements.

While the majority of what you don’t need gets expelled, some of it gets stored. With less storage space, children are more prone to adverse dosage effects. 

USANA for Children

This is why USANA nutritional supplements for kids provide additional, comprehensive nutrition at dosages fit for children and teens. 

Much like supplements for seniors, for men vs women, and for pre-natal care these also contain more of what children use. 

Many of the adult lines of USANA products work equally well for children as they do adults. The Active Calcium product is the same for both age groups minus that for children it is chewable (or for those that don’t swallow well). 

Another example of this is the USANA Probiotic supplement. This helps with digestion and immune response and is easy to scale up according to instructions. 

The following are formulated specifically for children.

USANA Usanimals

A daily vitamin for children aged two to 14 that bulks up the intake of vitamin C and D that they end up missing from a lack of sun and fresh fruit. This supplement also includes vitamin B6 to improve concentration and energy processing.

USANA Biomega Jr.

Another supplement for the two to fourteen years old bracket aims to develop mental and physical health. Omega 3s help tune-up brain chemistry and enhance mood while fighting stress. 

The greatest source is fatty fish, which kids aren’t all that into. This USNAA fish oil for kids keeps the healthy and masks the flavor. 

USANA Body Rox

This ages 15-17 supplement ups the quantity to fit their growing size and stacks in more zinc and magnesium for digestive health and to curtail some issues with body odor. 

Performance Goals

For children and teens getting in their daily exercise and engaging in active lifestyles, it’s equally important to shore up the extra nutrients they burn through in a day.

Much like an adult forming fitness goals for the first time, you need to consider what areas will be hit increased activity and look for ways to replace those reserves. 

Children lack experience with some pains and changing conditions in their bodies. Coupled with their recovery time, this makes it hard to spot a major dietary deficiency caused by exercise until it grounds them for an extended duration.

For your active teens, especially, talk to a doctor and find supplements that will keep them in peak condition as they shape and grow. 

Be Your Best

The best time to instill wisdom and knowledge about nutrition is when a person’s young. Talking to your children about USANA supplements is a good way to get them mindful of what they take in and the effects both short and long term.

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