Yoga for fibromyalgia? New research indicates it may help

ContentsFibromyalgiaSigns and SymptomsTreatment of fibromyalgia through yogaStanding forward bendBridge poseCobra poseCorpse poseSupplements for FibromyalgiaPanax ginsengSt. John’s wortMelatoninUSANA BiomegaAcetyl L-carnitineConclusion Fibromyalgia You must be wondering what fibromyalgia is. Fibromyalgia is a condition in which widespread pain spreads all over your body and causes sleeping troubles, fatigue, and emotional stress. People who are suffering from this condition […]

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What is Functional Training?

ContentsIs Functional Training a Right Choice?Functional Training AdvantagesWhich Exercises are good for Functional Training at Home?BridgeHip AbductionChair SquatYogaWhat are USANA Cellsentials?Benefits of Usana Cellsentials:Conclusion Is Functional Training a Right Choice? Fitness training means the use of muscles the way we require them in our daily activities. Muscles can work in a wider range. Every muscle […]

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