Between 40% to 100% of athletes take some kind of supplement to facilitate performance and repair their bodies. One brand building a reputation with athletes and sports teams is Usana. But do you know how many top-level athletes are using it?

If not, then you may be surprised how many disciplines and sports its use covers. From surfing to martial arts, read on as we discuss some of the top Usana athletes. 

Nick Mayhugh

This year’s Paralympians in the Tokyo games may have competed to empty arenas, but the whole Usana family was cheering them on from back home. This was the second time that Usana has had a team at the games. This year, seven golds, three silvers, and three bronze medals all came from athletes using their health supplements. 

One spectacular athlete on the podium was Nick Mayhugh. This sprinter only took up the discipline 18 months ago. Once he found seven-a-side soccer was no longer included in the games, he decided to switch to the 100 meters. 

Mayhugh is a T-37 athlete. This classifies him as having hypertonia, ataxia, or athetosis in one-half of the body. Balance and coordination are two of the most impacted qualities for these athletes. 

In his first event, Mayhugh was the first T-37 athlete to run the 100 meters in under 11 seconds. Not content with resting on his laurels, Mayhugh also bagged medals in the 200 meters, 400 meters, and 4 x 100-meter universal relay. 

Sloane Stephens

One of Usana’s strongest partnerships is with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Their collaboration has been ongoing since 2006 and provides supplements to its 160 athletes. Among these are players from as far and wide as China to Puerto Rico. 

Sloane Stephens is one professional tennis player who is currently having an outstanding career due to hard work and help from the USANA family. To date, she has won the 2017 US Open and six WTA singles titles. After Wimbledon 2018 she was ranked third in the world. 

This athlete first entered the public eye in 2013 at the Australian Open. At just 19 years of age, she managed to reach a semi-final spot. More outstanding was her victory over Serena Williams, then ranked third in the world. 

What highlights Stephen’s career is her ability to bounce back. After this, her ranking remained steady until she took on a new coach. This took her back to the elite level in which she won three of her WTA titles before an injury sidelined her. 

Even this did not stop her, and the pattern repeated. After 11 months, she was back winning her first Grand Slam singles title. Whatever goes wrong in her career is a minor setback, and she has always managed to bounce back better than ever. 

Felicity Palmateer

Felicity ‘Flick’ Palmateer is far more than just an athlete. As well as being a world-class surfer, she is also a conservationist and passionate artist. She believes that maintaining her health on her travels is imperative, and she does this with a range of Usana products bought online. 

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, she learned her craft where the Margaret River hits the ocean and forms huge beach breaks. By the age of 10, she found herself with sponsorship and was then a Pro Junior Champion finalist, State Champion, and ISA world finalist. 

Many believe that Palmateer has ridden the biggest waves ever tackled by a female surfer. She was the first woman to brave the Cow Bombie reef break. In the inaugural Women’s WSL Big Wave Championship she placed an impressive 3rd. 

As well as her surfing achievements, she has become a role model to young Australian women. She won the Women’s Health “I Support Women in Sport” award and was the lone female nominated in the Oakley Big Wave Awards. 

Alex Kopacz

Alexander Kopacz is a Canadian Bobsledder, often found speeding down tracks with his partner Justin Kripps in the two-man event. The pair won gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics, tying with the German team for first place.

Shot Putting to Bobsled does not seem like a smooth transition, but that is exactly the discipline Kopacz started his career as. With advice from trainers, he attended a talent ID camp and was racing by the end of the year. Amazingly, at the 2015 world championships, he was in the four-man bobsled team after just overcoming pneumonia and still managed to place in the eighth position with his squad. 

As well as being an Olympic-level athlete, overcoming injury to return and win medals, Kopacz has also been studying for his degree. He has a Mechanical Engineering and Physics Degree from the University of Western Ontario. 

Sara McMann

There are few sports as grueling on the body as mixed martial arts, and practitioners need to replenish the body quickly. Sara McMann currently fights in the bantamweight division for the Ultimate Fighting League. She is currently ranked eleventh in the UFC bantamweight ranking.

McMann started out as a wrestler. She was the first woman in history to get a silver medal for the US in Olympic wrestling, gaining the accolade at the 2004 Summer Olympics. 

After this, she won silver in the 2005 world championship and bronze in 2005 in the 63kg weight class. In 2010 she announced her change to MMA, and after a series of booking setbacks finally made her debut in 2011. 

McMann’s favored Usana products are the ones that replenish her skin, such as the Milk Cleanser and the Usana celavive pack. She believes that these products feel amazing on her skin, revitalizing it after a taxing match. 

Taking a Look at Usana Athletes

Now you know the elite Usana athletes, think about how this supplement brand can benefit you. You may even consider starting an Usana home business. Speak with a representative to begin your own journey. 

Your first stop for a home business should be Boost Your Energy. We can help you join Usana and make a profit selling supplements from home. Click here to start your own business today. 

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